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Book Writing Services

Book Writing Services

Every tale, we feel, is worth telling. Our book writers work hard to polish your concept. Nothing is impossible with great effort and determination. These are the qualities that our team has to develop an engaging book. We only need the necessary information to mold words into a tale. We consider every book writing project to be the initial step toward the success of our clients. Our book writing services properly integrate the real merit of your ideas and our words. We always guarantee our clients high-quality and well-written books.

PHD Proposal

Ph.D. Proposal Writing Services

Our Writing & Publications research team is composed of dedicated researchers who will journey with you, work from your experience, and investigate potential open issues for your Ph.D. research proposal. We guarantee that you have a thorough grasp of the background and past research carried out by our researchers. It will help you identify a study subject and provide materials for formulating an acceptable argument. Our team of researchers is a product of top universities throughout the world.

PHD Consultation

Ph.D. Consultation Services

Writing & Publications' Ph.D. research consultants have deep knowledge in offering comprehensive research support to Ph.D. students in their dissertation research work, interpretation, thesis presentation, and fulfillment of the doctorate. By using our service, you may avoid the difficulties of conducting your research statistics, determining the sample size, and interpreting the statistics of your research study on your own. At Writing & Publications, we offer comprehensive support in identifying problematic areas in your research process and providing enough support to ensure that you constantly progress in your research project.

PHD Topic Selection

Ph.D. Topic Selection Services

Our writers and researchers at Writing & Publications have vast expertise in selecting the best topic and title for a Ph.D. dissertation based on their specialization and personal interests. Furthermore, our professionals are from top-ranked universities across the globe. They have the skills and knowledge to choose a Ph.D. research subject appropriate for your study and a catchy title that surely fits your research objective.

PHD Publication Assistance

Ph.D. Publication Assistance Services

Writing & Publications has created publication assistance services to assist you at each stage of your publishing journey. Our publication specialists will examine your article and give critical suggestions to help you improve it before submitting it to your preferred journal. We collaborate with you to identify the most appropriate target journals, aid with article editing, conduct peer review, create your journal submission package, send it to your targeted journal, and assist you until your manuscript is published.

SPSS Analysis

SPSS Analysis Services

You can always rely on our professionals to produce excellent work, whether you are undertaking qualitative, statistical, or mixed-methods research. Our team will assist you with data processing, data cleaning, scripting, choosing the necessary statistical tests, data analysis, interpretation of SPSS research results, discussions, findings, recommendations, and statistical consulting. Each SPSS assignment has a unique price quotation. The pricing quotation is calculated depending on your academic level, completion time, and subject. After you share the project with us, we contact our professional statisticians to examine the data.