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Objectives Of Dissertation

What Are the Objectives Of Dissertation?

The objectives of a dissertation are specific points linked to the overall aim of your long-form essay. Objectives aim to resolve one problem among many and the collective solutions help form the basis of your research.

Let’s see what research objectives are in a dissertation along with other essential information. Follow the information in this guide to draft research objectives properly and guarantee academic excellence while writing your dissertation.

What are Objectives of a Dissertation?

Objectives describe what your dissertation hopes to achieve. These objectives guide every vital aspect of your research and determines how you collect data, relate to existing theories, or develop conclusions.

Objectives for your research could change slightly as you begin gathering information; however, they should always align with your findings and other contents of your dissertation.

What is the Aim of a Dissertation?

The research aim of a dissertation is interrelated with its objectives. Aims of a dissertation are general statements made to indicate the overall purpose of the essay. The aim(s) of a dissertation usually appear after stating the problem your dissertation hopes to solve. It precedes the research objectives in any dissertation.

Why are Objectives Important in a Dissertation?

Research objectives are essential in any dissertation since they:

Determine to an extent how your essay will offer significant contributions to research – research objectives helps you understand current trends in your current area of study. It also helps you create or apply recent methods to add value to existing debates relevant to your topic

Establish your dissertation’s scope and overall depth – knowing your research scope helps you avoid collecting information you do not need. The objectives help you define your research scope and also offer assistance to help you evaluate methods and conclusions throughout your dissertation

Gives insight into your methodology – the objectives help you get a clear idea of what your research design should be. It also provides vital details to assist you towards findings the most appropriate methods to complete your research.

Is There any Difference between the Aims and Objectives of a Dissertation?

The aims and objectives of a dissertation have several differences. See some of the major differences below:



The aim describes what you plan to achieve through research for your dissertation

The objectives focus to spell out how you plan to achieve the aim of your dissertation

The aim of a dissertation usually focus on outcomes in the long-term and defines how a dissertation ends

The objectives of a dissertation focus on immediate outcomes and offer solutions within a short period

The aim of a dissertation is written broadly to envelop all aspects of your long-form essay

Each objective is a specific statement explaining ways to achieve the aims of your dissertation

The aim can be a single sentence or very short paragraph in your dissertation

The objectives of your dissertation usually appear in list format


How to Write Objectives of a Dissertation

Step 1: Sort out the aim of your dissertation

Your objectives come from the research aim and you can’t write one without the other. The aim of your dissertation must reflect your research problem(s) and must have a broad scope to accommodate your research objectives and objectives.

Step 2: Outline specific objectives in line with your aim

The broad scope of your aim helps you define it into a given number of steps to ensure you solve research problems with ease. Your objectives should address specific aspects of one problem you plan to examine in the research.

Step 3: Form your aim and objectives section

Your aims and objective section should be together in the dissertation. The aim should be in a sentence or paragraph before you list all objectives in a numbered format. Most research objectives in dissertations are easier to list in roman numerals.

How Many Objectives Should be in a Dissertation?

How many problems your dissertation aims to solve should determine the number of objectives you get. You could have anywhere between two and over ten objectives in a dissertation depending on the aim.

All objectives should have a direct link to the aim, which in turn links to problem(s) stated in your dissertation. You can seek advice from your advisor(s) to know how many objectives should be in your dissertation.

Mistakes to Avoid While Putting Your Dissertation’s Aims and Objectives Together

Setting unachievable aims

You shouldn’t get overboard while writing aims or objectives for your dissertation. Writing unachievable aims and objectives could hinder your dissertation going forward, especially after getting your topic approved.

It’s safer to write aims and objectives for your dissertation that are achievable within a specific timeline. Also pick aims and objectives you have enough resources to pursue in your research.

Elements of Objectives in a Dissertation

The SMART acronym applies to any valid objectives of a dissertation or thesis. This acronym states that all your research objectives should be:

-        Specific – Ensure your objectives are clear and easy to understand. Clarity of your research objectives makes it easy to get relevant results for your dissertation.   

-        Measurable – You should know how to measure your objectives and see if they are possible to complete

-        Achievable – You should set objectives that are feasible, even if they are challenging and demand significant resources to complete. Ensure the vital groundwork is done and all sources (data, literature, funding, etc.) required to complete your objectives are ready.

-        Relevant – Your objectives should address research problems you plan to solve directly. It should also contribute significantly to research in your field of study.

-        Time-Based – All objectives should be achievable within a specific timeline.

You should be sure of a positive result after research for your dissertation if the stated objectives meet this acronym’s requirements.

Final Word

Objectives in dissertations help define several vital elements of your research. You should know how to properly draft research objectives and know their importance to your overall long-form essay.

Following the steps above ensures you know how to write research objectives and link them properly to your dissertation’s aim and stated problems